Friday, 1 February 2013

Tablet Surface RT was allegedly sold less than one million times

That would probably not many thought possible, but current Microsoft reportedly has made ​​it so far not even try to sell a million Surface-RT models. The market research firm iSuppli, according to it so far have been only about 612,500 units. Nearly 1.25 million have been shipped, so many traders are sitting on large contingents.

Microsoft Surface RT was delivered twice as often as sold

As CNet reports, the Surface RT until almost 600,000 times was sold. This figure is taken from the market research firm iSuppli, which has been dealing for years with the equipment of different manufacturers. Since its introduction in late October 2012 to 1.25 million units shipped, therefore, not have been sold. The sales figures are thus at a mere 50 percent of the deliveries - a disaster.
That these figures are not necessarily unusual, showed newly embarked in the market Android tablets. They have also recorded usually no more than 1 million sales and therefore can be made with the RT surface onto a plane. A little worried it is still at Microsoft, especially since the beginning of January we talking about 1 million was sold Tablets.
A major problem is the high return numbers
Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at iSuppli explains the poor numbers, especially with the high return numbers, which seem to be very unusual for the market. Apparently this makes the learning curve for Windows 8 strong problems because the U.S. company Microsoft had missed here operate reconnaissance. This might now take revenge.